General Information  


  • Sustaining: Operating support for selected organizations contributing significantly to the Nashville area. Grants are awarded one year at a time and are subject to review on an annual basis.

  • Project and Program: Funding for specific projects, equipment or programs incorporating well-defined objectives and timetables and promising broad benefit. They are usually awarded for a maximum term of one year, with evaluation required at the end of the grant period.

  • Capital: Support for major capital projects of organizations with strong records of community service. They must provide a credible fund-raising plan, as well as demonstrate the capacity to maintain buildings and equipment once they are in place. The maximum term is usually five years.


    For legal reasons, the Foundation does not support individuals or their projects, private foundations, political activities, advertising or sponsorships. As a matter of policy the Foundation does not ordinarily support:

  • Projects, programs or organizations that serve a limited audience
    or a relatively small number of people.
  • Disease-specific organizations.
  • Biomedical or clinical research.
  • Organizations whose principal impact is outside the Nashville area.
  • Tax-supported institutions.

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